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Events and Exhibitions

Your complete event and exhibition partner

Whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show, speaking at a conference or organising your own event, Notch can help drive attendance and boost engagement to ensure success and maximise your return on investment.


Pre-event support

From stand design to journalist liaison, we can support you with all aspects of your event – even if the task in hand doesn’t strictly fall under the ‘PR and media’ umbrella – including:

  • Design, branding and messaging consultancy
  • Copywriting and design for leaflets, booths and brochures
  • Press packs for the exhibition’s press office
  • Arranging editorial visits and interviews during the exhibition
  • PR attendance for the duration of the exhibition

Post-event support

To build a lasting relationship with the people you meet at an event, you’ll need a great way to gather their contact information. To do this you want to give the people you meet a reason to share their contact details, so it’s commonplace to have some form of digital sign up form, QR code or online method of recording the contact data of the people you meet at an event.

Notch’s experienced events and marketing team can work with you to create unique and engaging event experiences that will have visitors queuing up to give you their details!