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Brand Development

Why clear, memorable and consistent branding matters.

Strategic brand development is essential in the B2B Life Science and Specialty Chemicals space. With technical information to niche audiences dominating throughout, we understand the challenges and work with our clients to define their brand, identify the best ways to connect with their customers and stand out against the competition.

We’re also experienced in managing brands through mergers and acquisitions. Our brand audits provide a strong foundation to help guide your long-term transition plan, ensuring brand equity is retained and your vision and legacy is reflected.

Your brand messaging needs to connect with different audiences over various channels to communicate your value proposition. In the B2B Life Science sector, specialist products, technical language and multiple stakeholders only add to this complexity.

This is where Notch comes in…

Brand auditing

We offer a comprehensive brand audit service to analyse your brand’s current position and perception in the market. We’ll evaluate your existing brand strategy through brand workshops, audience surveys and competitor reviews – then we’ll focus on your messaging, visuals and your customer’s journey. You’ll receive a full report that identifies your strengths and opportunities, as well as insightful and actionable recommendations.

Brand Workshops & Messaging Frameworks

We’ll work with your team and set up interactive and engaging workshops to gain the insights and make sure everyone feels included and their voices are heard. We then analyse the outputs of the workshops and combine them with extensive research and analysis on your competitors.

We’re looking to understand what your competitors are saying and how they’re saying it and then we’ll move on to establish your brand pillars, value proposition, key benefits and proof points.

Armed with this information, our team of scientifically minded marketers align all of these benefits with the needs of your customers, creating messaging that speaks to them in their language, and differentiates you from the competition.

The result? A comprehensive brand messaging matrix or framework that acts as a toolkit for anyone creating content, copy and communications for your brand. This will ensure your message is always clear, aligned and consistent across all channels.


Strong brand visuals

You may have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but research has shown that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Pair that with the fact that customers are more likely to buy from a brand they recognise, and it becomes clear why strong and distinctive imagery are an essential part of your brand identity.

Our brand design and creative development services will channel your values to create distinctive, meaningful and memorable visuals. We’ll design logos, develop colour palettes, select typography and create imagery that can be used across all of your communications  – from websites to whitepapers. We’ll also produce a set of brand guidelines to ensure you always remain true to your brand, and the people, products and services it represents.