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Creative Services

We turn the technical and the complex into engaging communications

The science industry is a busy and complex world. It’s also a crowded and competitive market. Everyone’s time is at a premium and you need your marketing to win the battle for attention.

Brand Design

Your brand identity is the first thing people notice about your business. It dictates the opinions that are formed and establishes your credibility. At Notch, we’re here to help you design, craft and develop a brand that connects with your audience and flexes across every channel from print to pixels.

Graphic Design

By using visual imagery and graphics to tell stories and convey information, you make your point more engaging and concise and you maintain that hold on your customers’ attention. Carefully considered graphic design also simplifies complex subject matter and our skilled designers understand exactly how to bring a vital brand element to life.

Video & Animation

The importance of video marketing is undeniable. A quick look at any social media platform reinforces this fact. It’s essential for SEO, it boosts conversions and sales, and it connects with your audience on an emotive level. From corporate videos to explainer animations, we can help you create a cut-through video that educates, inspires and earns trust.


There’s no denying that we live in a visual society and we rely on images to hold our attention. But they need to be high-quality images. So, whether we’re selecting the perfect shot from a photo library or commissioning a photographer, we’ll ensure you have the right image for your brand.