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We create marketing with impact.

With decades of industry experience behind us, every member of the Notch team contributes to the wealth of expertise we have gained across the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Commercial and Chemical Markets. Our team comprises a combination of creative, scientific, and marketing minds, joined together with a shared common goal: to create science marketing with a more significant impact.

Our Story

It was back in 2011 that our founder, Dr. Kate Whelen, had a vision to create a marketing agency that would challenge the B2B Life Science marketing world—a world dominated by clichéd stock imagery and predictable blue and white branding.

Today, Notch has grown and evolved into a leading marketing agency that collaborates with some of the world’s most prominent and highly respected chemical, pharmaceutical, and niche biotech organisations.

“We chose to name our agency after ‘the notch signalling pathway’ which plays a major role in the regulation of embryonic development. In biology, Notch is vital for ensuring the right message gets to the right place at the right time, in the right amounts. We believe that’s true in the business world too, where Notch Communications helps businesses thrive.”

— Kate Whelan

CEO and Founder


Our Values


We always strive for excellence, utilising our renowned strategic thinking and deep scientific understanding to develop and establish brands that differentiate our clients in their respective markets.


With over 40 years of industry experience, we’re recognised for our expertise in the science and technology markets. We are committed to creating a unique point of difference for all our clients, utilising traditional marketing methods and cutting-edge digital technologies to deliver the best value ROI.


We always strive for excellence, utilising our renowned strategic thinking and deep scientific understanding to develop and establish brands that differentiate our clients in their respective markets.


We believe that diversity inspires creativity, and our agency is built around talented individuals with wonderfully diverse backgrounds. Our open-door policy ensures aspiring graduates gain valuable industry experience and entry into a competitive sector.


Our goal is to help clients gain a competitive edge in a crowded market by challenging convention. We are not ‘yes’ people, so you can always rely on our team to ask thought-provoking questions and provide honest recommendations.


Our creative, scientific and marketing minds are tuned into the latest developments and emerging technologies.


We work as an extension of our clients’ marketing departments and seamlessly integrate with existing teams to ensure the smooth progress of each project.

Complete Marketing Solutions Partner

A leader in marketing life science businesses

From some of the world’s most respected chemical and pharmaceutical organisations to innovative niche technology and biotech brands, we enjoy working with companies from a diverse range of industries.

Regardless of your size, products or industry, we always start by understanding your audience and finding the most effective way to reach them. Whether you need a fully integrated, global campaign or individually tailored plans to reach different audience sectors, we’ll deliver.


How we work

We always start with a robust strategy and this extends throughout our full service offering of powerful marketing solutions, including brand, advertising, PR, social media and digital campaigns across multiple platforms and regions. We also recognise the importance of ROI, so we’ll ensure your hard-fought marketing budget achieves its objectives.

You’ll talk to a scientist

We believe the best way to understand our clients is to speak their language and it’s why the Notch team includes scientists with experience across the Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Chemicals sectors’. Add in our marketing expertise and you’ve got the perfect blend of talent and experience that enables us to truly understand and differentiate our clients within their market.

Let's create some brilliance together!